NekiGarrettx300If you are a business owner or an artist of any kind, you are probably interested in protecting your brand or your creation. Intellectual Property is a legal term that refers to creations of the mind which could be a logo, a song, a poem or a sculpture, to name a few. You may be familiar with the terms copyright and trademark – both forms of intellectual property. TRADEMARKS are logos that identify your product or service. COPYRIGHTS protect original works of authorship like music, song lyrics or artwork. It is very important to protect your creation for brand recognition and to preserve your legacy. Although an original creation is protected when it is created, there may be a need to register your intellectual property on a state or federal level. This provides protection against anyone that may claim your creation as their own and tries to profit from it. The process for registering your property can be tedious. Although it is not necessary to hire an attorney to register your property, many people will engage the services of an experienced attorney who can help the process go quicker and smoother. For each copyright, you can expect to spend at least $25 or more for the registration fee. Trademark fees can start at $225 per category, but keep in mind these fees do not include attorneys’ fees. If you have property to protect OR if you are a graphic designer and need someone to refer your clients to, please contact us. We would love to help you protect and preserve your legacy. McClinton, Garrett & Associates, (205) 623-2222 or