How did you know it was me, Mr. Tomato?

No one wants to be late for their first day at work…

Author Ayrika Jones had an excellent idea. At 10 years old she decided to show how important it is to be honest with your friends, while at the same time showing how important it is to be on time, especially on important days. In her book, How did you know it was me, Mr. Tomato, she teaches several lessons on honesty and punctuality. Her goal is noticeably clear: she wants to bring awareness to morals for young people, and she’s using vegetables and animals to do it.

Ayrika’s main character, Mr. Tomato has an especially important day ahead of him, but he encounters a problem: he has lost his hat. As children we have all lost things, and even as adults, nothing hurts more than when we need what we lost because it is of value. Ayrika’s goal is to show us, children, and adults alike to never give up when we lose something, and to use discernment along the way to locate what is lost.

Aside from gently teaching us to persevere and not give up she also teaches us to be honest, and to not touch things that don’t belong to us. Ayrika shows that she is wise beyond her years in her book, and she shows that her parents have instilled in her the importance of using her creativity to teach lessons. Ayrika is truly a gift to our culture and society, and as she continues to grow the Mr. Tomato series, we are prepared to grow in wisdom, and be blessed. Mr. Tomato is our opportunity to revisit our child-like selves and take a moment to reflect on our important days and how we react to the adversity within them.

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