Check out this Business Quick Look with Renee Price, owner of Partyology and We Do Taxes LLC!

Tell us about your business and the services you provide: party planning, entertainment, event sitting, party hosting live performances, moonwalks, slides, trains, horses, DJ, princesses, superheros,clowns, face painters, etc

How long have you been in business? 3 years

What inspired you to start this business? 
Being a single working mom that wanted to enjoy her child’s birthday.

Tell us about your typical day?
A typical day in the world of Partyology is super busy and full of fun! Our #1 goal is to ensure a stress free party! Create and leave smiles and memories

What is the most memorable project you have worked on?
Every project is memorable! Being able to allow people to enjoy their party or event is amazing! We create life long memories for our clients.

Where would you like to see your business in 3 years?
In 3 years so many things could happen! Expansion to say the least, we are aiming to open ultimate party venue

Do you have any other businesses you would like to share with us?
Yes! We also have a mobile tax service “We Do Taxes LLC” Fast, Professional ,Convenient, We can come to you, Free estimates,E-file Federal and State, Audit assistance, Back taxes and more.

How can ours users contact you?
(Website, email, social media, phone)