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The REAL value of twerking

After watching the video of the brother in Dallas going off on a group of female patrons for twerking on the furniture in his restaurant it made me wonder [...]

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“Who All Gonna Be There?” How black women can help us all make better choices in character.

We all have those family members or friends when invited to an event ask the infamous question, “Who all gonna be there?” As funny as it may sound, it [...]

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Former police officer shares opinion on why Ahmaud Arbery’s shooters will not be found guilty.

This former Police Officer gives his break down of the Ahmaud Arbery case after surveillance footage shows him in a home that is being renovated. Take a look at [...]

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Steve Harvey talks Wagons with Oprah

I thought this was a great analogy.  Take a look and share. The WagonYou gotta make a list of everyone in your life and what they provide for you. [...]

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By: Mahari A. McTier It was a sad day in this country on June 17, 2015 when 9 African-American men and women, including the Senior Pastor, State Senator Clamenta [...]

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By:  Mahari A. McTier I want to begin this article by saying, I personally hate being a participant in this conversation and that it is sad that in 2015 [...]

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