Counting Us! is a state-wide, coordinated effort between Stillman College, Urban Impact, The University of Alabama, and the IGNITE! Coalition to understand, build, and grow minority-owned businesses in the state.

Did You Know?

Alabama economic relief was issued in the form of 650,000 small business loans, but black businesses ONLY received 143 of the loans?

In the face of COVID, minority and women-owned businesses have disproportionately declined by over 41%, presenting a major challenge to business development.

Alabama Enterprise Development Consortium a partnership with Alabama Power, the University of Alabama’s Culverhouse College of Business, Stillman College and IGNITE! Alabama was created to address this disparity.

Counting Us! is an ongoing project designed to create a comprehensive database of minority business owners, entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders across Alabama. The idea behind this unprecedented count is to help identify those in this under served sector to provide them with access to financing, grants, contracts and other business opportunities of which they may not be aware.

ALL Minority Businesses In Alabama!
We ask that you please take a moment to take this brief survey and get counted. As a thank you, upon completing the survey, you will be entered to WIN $1,000 in cash!

Click Here to take the survey before August 20, 2021

Those reading who may not be minority business owners, BUT you may know some. Please do them a favor and forward this email to them. Then message them via text or social media to check out a very URGENT email that you sent to them.