In a national campaign to recognize greatness in the community Culture Shakers will visit Huntsville, Alabama on Wednesday, November 9, 2022.

Gentleman Jack Culture Shakers is a national program for one multicultural filmmaker and six multicultural bartenders to create short films showcasing how they are crafting culture as we know it.

Award-winning filmmaker, Stevie Rodriguez, is from the Dominican Republic. He is recognized for his intimate, natural camera work and diverse editing style, which is never the same twice. For 14 years, Stevie has captured distinctive visuals and edited them into intriguing stories. From working with musicians to Forbes 500 companies, he starts each project with a thorough understanding of the narrative and determines how to best enhance the story. Stevie is dedicated to recognizing black and brown talent in front of the camera as well as behind the camera, and he is committed to using his artistry to showcase quality film in television and social content.

Lance Gross who is an accomplished actor, producer, and photographer also worked with the campaign visiting each Culture Shaker’s city discussing their craft on camera while capturing great images.

Brooke Mooney | Photographer Lance Gross

Catch a FREE Culture Shakers event on Wednesday, November 9th in Huntsville, Alabama from 6pm – 9pm and celebrate with Huntsville winner Brooke Mooney.

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