After being officially released on April 15, 2020, the paperback edition of “Five Bags of Gold” has quickly attained the ranking of “#1 New Release” on Amazon/KDP in the Religious Educational Studies genre. Author Anthony Clay (A.C.) Gregory’s amazing book, Five Bags of Gold is intended to reveal deep spiritual revelations that have been hidden in the Bible. In this book, Gregory generously shares with the rest of the world the grace that has been afforded to him through revelations from the Holy Spirit.

About the Book
The answers to some of life’s greatest mysteries are “hidden in plain sight.” Five Bags of Gold is a brief chronicle of some of the deepest “revelations” that have been hidden in the Bible. This Bible-based book of “truth” serves as a reference point for the transition between the spiritual “ages.” Five Bags of Gold meets Christians and Atheists alike at the intersection of science and spirituality. Based on information revealed in this book, a deeper, more scientific knowledge and understanding of the Divine Creator may be achieved. Everything in this world changes and evolves at some point in time. Christianity is not exempt from change and thus, this book will play a significant role in that evolution. As the first book of the “Welcome to the Kingdom Age” series, this book educates Christians in regards to understanding the Bible, strengthening their faith, and forming a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God. After reading this book, even the most marginal Christian will have the prescription for a life changing encounter with God and a new pathway to the Kingdom of Heaven.

About the Author
A.C. Gregory is an author, philanthropist, on-air radio personality and spiritual counselor. Mr. Gregory is a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ and servant of the Word of God. Along with evangelism and discipleship training, Mr. Gregory counsels people of all ages on how to develop a deeper relationship with their divine creator and how to use faith to solve any problem that life presents. Mr. Gregory also produces webinars and YouTube videos under his trademarked “God’s Illuminati” imprint. Gregory’s teachings are designed to reveal hidden spiritual knowledge to those seeking deeper levels of Christianity. Based on time and availability, Gregory offers himself regularly to speaking to church assemblies, youth
organizations, and special interests groups on the “evolution” of Christianity and the value of being obedient to the Word of God. Mr. Gregory strives to live his life according to the definition of love written in the epistle of 1 Corinthians. Gregory seeks to use his faith and the grace that he has been given to help those who are seeking true salvation and to further God’s cause and purpose for all mankind.

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