Our client is currently looking for seasoned or retired workers to assist with the DATA COLLECTION AND ASSESSMENT of the Storm Drain Infrastructure in Jefferson County, Alabama.

Job Description:

Work on one of three teams to determine the exact location, size, condition and types of culverts within the county’s jurisdictional boundary.

Document findings with a provided tablet using the ArcGIS Collector data collection app to share real time information such as collect photos, location data and attribute information across each cross culvert location.

Must be comfortable with simple math equations.

Must have a flexible schedule and reliable transportation as work hours could vary.

Assist in keeping a running list of inaccessible, buried and sediment laden culverts to be complied for the county and maintenance crews to clear heavy vegetation, uncover buried culvert ends, and clean out sediment laden culverts in order to complete the comprehensive data collection and condition assessment.

As data is collected the staff will provide daily in-house QA/QC to ensure accuracy and to eliminate any errors that may have occurred during the delineation/collection processes. Quality control will be performed to ensure that any errors can be quickly discovered and addressed before new data is collected.

Pay: $18 – $22 per hour

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