Attorney Antonio Spurling is on a mission to make what is old new again. With a knack for re-purposing buildings, Mr. Spurling is creating new opportunities for small business owners as he focuses on community redevelopment, green space and new ways to do business.

What made you come to Ensley and say this is the place that I want to redevelop?

The first reason that made me come to Ensley is because I was led to turn a tragedy into a place of triumph. In 1986, my father was killed in Ensley by a policeman which resulted in a wrongful death lawsuit. The death of my father and the legal process that we experienced which was gruesome, refined by thinking to direct my passion and energy towards the legal profession and community redevelopment as a 15 year old child.

What have been some of the major challenges during the process of redevelopment?

To identify and embrace team players who are relatively, if not more passionate about community redevelopment. Also, working with others who are sometimes non-responsive and fearful to engage the public in a business transaction.

Would you say Ensley is a good place to open a business?

Absolutely, because Ensley provides a start up business with the opportunity for reduced rental and/or acquisition costs for a building at this present time. Furthermore, the market forces in the community are rapidly increasing in that large corporations have recently acquired property in the community for the purpose of establishing corporate headquarters, local breweries and restaurants.

We see things coming together but what is your overall vision for the Ensley Historic District

It is to gravitate individuals from all walks of life regardless of racial background, socioeconomic status, and varying levels of education. I believe that people who are passionate and understand their purpose in life will have a positive impact on this area.

If someone in another area of town or city is interested in redeveloping an area what kind of advice can you offer?

Purchase real estate at your earliest opportunity. ​

We would like thank Mr. Spurling for taking the time out to respond to our questions and we would like to invite our users out to the Historic Ensley District to see the redevelopment efforts with your own eyes!

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