TechHire is hosting a {free} Coding Sprint online beginning Saturday, July 23 at 8am.

The Sprint is a series of 6-8 coding challenges to be completed within 48 hours, created by HackerRank, that tests for technical skills most demanded by employers.

The Challenge is open to all job seekers in the Birmingham area looking for their first programming job who have completed or are pursuing accelerated IT training via a non-traditional route such as a coding bootcamp, community college, MOOCs, self taught, etc.

Preceding the Coding Sprint, which is solely hosted online by HackerRank, TechHireand Mayor William A. Bell, Sr. invites you to join us for a Networking Breakfast for job seekers to meet local employers and organizations committed to the success of tech talent in Birmingham.

Coding RSVP for the Networking Breakfast
Friday, July 22
8:00am – 10:00am
Innovation Depot iLab

Coder RSVP here:

Employer RSVP here:

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