“Buying Black” seems to be slowly making its way into mainstream media. Those of us that have been encouraging this for years are finally seeing it go from an occasional saying to an actual powerful movement taking place all over the country. Days after the George Floyd incident it seemed that the world finally let it sink in that the road to equality is directly linked to economics – a message that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  stressed in many of his speeches. While we have a long way to go to remedy systemic racism, “Buying Black” is one campaign we can collectively contribute to immediately that offers multiple benefits to the country at large.

The great thing is that “Buying Black” is not limited to just black people, but it is in fact open to anyone interested in supporting black communities. It is more likely for a black business owner to have a direct connection with communities of color, which means opportunities to grow current businesses and hire from within the community. It also means the opportunity for safer communities and revitalization efforts are more feasible as the economics of business development aids in overall growth.  I know I make it sound simple and there is certainly more to it, but I believe the track to rebuilding black communities will be anchored in the growth of black businesses.

Urbanham.com supports black owned businesses 365 days a year and we are asking that you simply include something from a black retailer in your holiday shopping activities. 

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National Buy Black Opportunities